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SPN: The New Haunt by Jade-Magic SPN: The New Haunt by Jade-Magic
The Boys scramble into position when they see the camera pointed their way, Dean dragging a confused Cas into the shot.

Jodie takes the photo.

Sam’s kinda squinting, and Cas looks like he’s about to fall over, but they look happy. Maybe even a little excited. You can’t tell that Sam’s the only thing keeping Dean standing, that his leg’s been killing him for hours because he’s too stubborn to stop lifting boxes or sit down. You can’t tell that the house is about to fall down, that the tree beside the porch is actually growing through the porch, that half the weatherboards are about to fall off the walls. You can’t tell that the place was a steal because the agent couldn’t get rid of it fast enough and took the first offer they suggested. That she almost threw the deed at the boys in her rush to leave after everything was signed.

Nope. You can’t see any of that.

Jodie grins, looking at the picture of three boys beside the ‘sold’ sign of their first home. Grotty and covered with sweat and dust and matching grins. Well, Sam and Dean’s are matching, Cas is shooting Dean a scowl.

…It kinda fits.

”Yep” she says, holding the camera out with a nod.

“That’s a keeper” she proclaims.

The boys deflate, Cas wrestling his way out of the headlock Dean has him in as Dean fumbles for a grip on the sign. Sams’ looking at his brother with a frown.

”Ya done?” Bobby growls.

Jodie looks up from her camera as he passes, another box of hand me down house ware in his arms. His voice is all deep and annoyed dipped in a layer of fake gruff. But she won’t tell.

”These kids don’t need an excuse to slack off” he mutters, shifting the box in his arms and nodding towards his pick up, the tray hidden by more of Bobby’s caste offs. The Impala’s beside it and in a similar state, trunk propped open by a broken broom instead of its usual shotgun.

She holds the camera out to him, tilting the screen and watches the surly man fight off a smile.

“They’re all pretty as princess’s- can we get a move on? I’d like to finish before I’m in the ground” He raises his voice at the end, looking over towards the boys, but they’re already growling at each other, their own voices raising one by one.

”Just use the damn cane!” Sam says.

“No- I’m fine!”

“No- you are an idiot” Cas snaps.

Dean scowls.

“I’m fin-

“Then let go of the sign.”

Cas’s challenge sits between them, and Deans’ knuckles are visibly white from here, both are glaring as Sam rolls his eyes.

Dean doesn’t move.

”You’ve just overdone it man,” Sam tells him, holding out the cane. Dean stares at it.

“I’m not an invalid”, he mutters.

“No. You are an idiot” Cas repeats. He snatches the cane from Sam and shoves it in Deans hand.

“Use. The. Cane” he growls, before turning on his heel and collecting another box.

Dean mutters under his breathe, sitting on the sign, wringing the cane in his hands as Sam joins Cas at the car.

”He’s not going to get away with anything- not with those two” Jodie notes as Bobby drops his box at his feet with a muffled ‘thunk’, stretching his back.


“Might do him some good” she adds, Bobby rolls his eyes.

“Might” he agrees.

No one says anything as Dean stands up, cane in hand, and hobbles over to the impala.

Bobby leans against the fencepost beside her.

“You didn’t need to help ya know. I could’a covered it” he says quietly, watching Dean sit down in the front seat of his baby as Cas and Sam started lugging boxes towards the house. The radio starts blaring, strains of Creedence Clearwater Revival that don’t quite cover Deans moping.

Jodie leans back, stowing the camera in her pocket.

”It was my moving in present”

Bobby scowls at his linked hands.

“I had a bit more stashed, could’a done it by myself”

“I’m still amazed the boys let you help at all” Jodie admits,

Bobby grins.

“You think they had a choice? They were drinking all my beer”

”Yes of course. Purely selfish reasons for buying your boys a house.”

“And don’t you forget it”

”That you’re a sweetheart? Never”

Jodie doesn’t think Bobby’s blush will ever get old.

/// this is for a prompted based Domestic AU on Tumblr :[link] more to come! HAPPY DESTIEL WEEEK!///
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beckydaspaz Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012
There is only one way this could be better, if it had happened on the show. I've got happy tears in my eyes and a feeling in my chest that feels suspisiously like love. <3 :clap::clap:
nella-fantasiaa Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw dear, this is adorable! :D
grumpy!bobby = :heart:
ParanormalAvenue Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012
Falthee Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012
Nice! I love Jodie and Bobby together :D Great work on this.
Bloodpassion Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wonderful page accompanied by a beautiful ficlet.

I might be officially in love with you..
laocom Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012
Gorgeous - can't wait to see more!
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